Friday, July 8, 2011

a new beginning

i have been AWOL but i've been thinking of you...!

on 26 April we welcomed Max Gabriele into the world. he is a real joy - a happy baby that has consumed my world for the past couple of months. here he is...

(i'm also without a laptop as it's on the blink so i'm sorry i haven't visited your blog or been around the past few months. i have missed you all!)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

an arty shot of our home renovation + update

Wow - it's been so long since I was last here. I wonder if there is anyone out other or if I've lost you? Here is an update of sorts:
  • I'm 37 weeks pregnant - 3 weeks to go. Where did the time go? I'm feeling excited and and scared at the same time!
  • Cue arty shot of our home renovation...the frame is up - next the roof beams and roofing will go up. It will be another few months before it's all finished. I haven't posted that many photos because the progress has been a little slow - slower than we thought. But it's getting there! Our Stegbar window and stacking doors have arrived AND that's exciting. The space will open up so much, can't wait to show you how when it progresses a little more.
  • I've been away so long because I've been a bit unmotivated to blog. I've been wondering lately whether I should continue with the blog at all. How can I get motivated again?
  • Here is a preggers photo update featuring Lizzy...!
Lizzy & me at 36 weeks pregnant hanging out!

Monday, March 21, 2011

a baby shower - sans photos

it's been a while since my last post - quite a while! i finish work this friday to have a bit of a rest before bub arrives - not long to go now! and yesterday i had my baby shower. i went to all this effort with my thank you gifts for guests and decorations such as pink, white, purple and yellow flowers in simple jars - and forgot to take photos! how annoying. and everyone else forgot to take photos too. i guess that's a good measure of how good a day it was!

i used these party bags from emerald & ella for my thank you gifts - i filled them with chocolates, home made heart shaped biscuits and a home made paper fortune cookie filled with a personalised thank you message - you can find the DIY here.

note to self: next time take photos!

Images - emerald & ella

Thursday, March 3, 2011

preggers in port willunga

It's been a while since I've given a preggers update mainly because my lack of motivation lately has seen me lose interest in posting up on my blog of late. I'm 32 weeks pregnant, I have 3 weeks of work left and our house renovation continues. So much to do and only 2 months before bub arrives is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. So, in the meantime here are some pics of me at 32 weeks at Port Willunga (beach)...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

citta design + two halves

We had a fabulous weekend away just gone and I was lucky enough to do a bit of shopping at some really funky shops in Port Elliot. Port Elliot is a wonderful little seaside town full of great shops and one famous bakery (there was a line up out the door on Sunday when we lined up for our pasties and iced coffee!). It's just down the road from another little seasside town called Middleton where David Bromley used to live and work. Adelaide was in fact where he started his career. I digress - here are some goodies I picked up ...
Coat hooks (which we'd been looking for, for ages!) made by Two Halves - two industrial design graduates from Adelaide. They'll live on the back of our bedroom door. One boy, one girl, both black, both fabulous on form + function!

Citta Design from NZ never fails to impress me. I couldn't go past Salvador the dog! He is adorable and looks so good I could eat him. I'm hoping Lizzy or the Baby won't! [Diego the cat would make a great companion for Salvador, even if just for the name alone!]

Images - 1) Two Halves, 2) Artessen

Monday, February 21, 2011

love me, love my slab

On Friday, Adelaide had it's wettest day in February since 2003. And it's summer! So how we came to have our slab poured on Friday is a slight miracle and big joy to us! We had tarps covering the trenches which prevented rain getting in and lucky for us, the slab was poured on Friday. Just in time for our perfect weekend away (which I will post about later this week)! It could not have worked out better and made for a stress-free, relaxing weekend.

Here are some photos that show you the progression from demolition to slab pour...

The original back part of our house with the verandah - outside w/c, hot water system, back door, bathroom window...

Demolition begins... and continues here

After Demolition...lizzy makes herself comfortable, the white door is my back/kitchen door

And the slab gets poured...(sorry about the low res iphone pic!)

The above photo is taken from our kitchen door - you can just make out the tarps which saved the day! It's a beautiful thing that concrete!!

I have learnt a few things over the past few weeks. Renovating is exciting, frustrating and is a test of patience beyond belief but watching every step of the process, and achieving every milestone is such an exciting and satisyfing feeling that it makes up for all the other stuff. I can't wait to see the transformation from here on in!