Tuesday, August 17, 2010

honey, i'm home...

Image courtesy reflexio

I'm finally here (thanks Julie!) and by *here* I mean to a place that gives me a creative outlet for my (often frustrated, always looking for escape) creative soul!

How did I get here? I got married in April 2010 (that's my dress!) and for inspiration I turned to blogs (thanks to my lovely friend P who introduced me to this whole new world). An obsession was born – admittedly a little late compared to other bloggers. Planning a wedding can be a crazy ride but I found it ignited my dormant creative side. Updating (and soon to be – renovating) an inner city 1920s semi has also fuelled that passion for anything art, design and er – shopping!

So why ‘Cocoon & Chic’? Cocoon, because my home is my cocoon and I suspect others feel the same about their homes too. Chic, because everyone needs a little chic in their lives – food, fashion and anything fabulous!

I'm new to blogging (so bear with me) but I hope you can join me for the journey...


  1. maria, i love love your blog! Here's to many more happy postings! I thank you for taking time to comment on my blog post today. It means so much to me. And do share some of your wedding photos with our smitten sticks. I'm dying to see them in action:) xoxo

  2. Thank you so much Vana! You don't know how happy I was when I saw that I had 1 comment and that it was you! I was so happy I rang my husband straight away :) (is that sad? possibly, but what the heck!). I will be posting about the Smitten Sticks soon and I'll be sure to let you know so you can check them out! xx

  3. Hi Maria,
    Your blog looks beautiful! Congratulations on your first post and your venture in to the land of blogging. Have fun!

  4. Thanks for visiting Julie :-)

  5. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for posting on my blog! It's so lovely to make another blog-friend! It seriously cracked me up when I read your comment above about calling your husband when Vana left your first comment - I did the exact same thing..actually still email him when we're at work whenever a comment gets posted!! You're not sad...and if you are, i'm right there with you!!
    Looking forward to sharing all our newlywed adventures! xx

  6. Thanks for visiting Nell, it's so good to find another blog newbie to enjoy the ride with! That's so funny that we both rang our husbands, great minds think alike :-D xx


Thank you so much for your comments. You rock!
Maria xx