Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lizzy on Bentwood on 'Desire to Inspire'

My girl Lizzy is a star already - she featured on Desire to Inspire's weekly pets on furniture post! Here she is...on my Bentwood chair which I picked up for $20 (it's the chair in my profile pic). It needs a lot of TLC, and so does Lizzy.

(Ahem, I promise this blog won't all be about Lizzy but then again...that's not such a bad thing!).


  1. She is so blinkin' cute. I am in love with her little sock feet. Every chair should come with a pub like that!! x

  2. Yay! More Lizzy would be great! Although we'd still love to see your design-y posts, we would get over having to look at that face in about a millisecond.

  3. Nell - her sock feet are so adorable and I think they are a bit partial to a bit of Bentwood too!

    HH - thanks for visiting my blog! it's great to connect, I look forward to sharing more design-y, house-y and lizz-y posts with you in the future :)

  4. aww she's so cute! and where did you pick up a bentwood for $20? And why do I never find one (or "win" one) for such a good price? hmph x


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