Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mellow yellow

Around the corner from our house is this gorgeous 'golden wattle' tree, which I pass most mornings when I catch the bus (if I'm not walking as we are 1 mile from the city). Apparently this is Australia's national flower, but I love it because of the intense but lush yellow colour. It reminds me of another yellow flower called the 'billy button'...

I fell in love with the billy button and styled most of my wedding around the colour of this flower. We ordered them for my bouquet, the buttonholes and table centrepieces. But having a 'destination wedding' on Magnetic Island in Queensland, and organising a wedding in general, taught me that nothing ever really goes to plan! The day before our wedding I found out they weren't delivered because they weren't available (despite being told the opposite!). It didn't matter in the end as flowers is not what a fabulous wedding makes. Still, with such a cute name I can't help but love the billy button and it's colour which is slowly trying to creep its way into my home...
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  1. This is such a fantastci colour - and an awesome name too! I have a very fancy handbag from Italy in that mustartdy yellow and it's my all-time favourite!

    Thanks for your comment too Maria about our wedding mag debut!! It is very exciting! Glad your wedding went as you hoped despite the rain too...Mother Nature can be a tricky one can't she! xx

  2. Oooh I'd love to see this bag Nell!

  3. oh wow! never realise that there's such a cute flower! Really nice idea of putting two or three of them in a slim tall vase! ;)

  4. Hi Nattie, I know they are gorgeous aren't they. Such a unique flower. p.s Great to meet a fellow Adelaidean :)


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