Monday, September 20, 2010

beautifully bespoke

I started this blog last month and doing decor8's Blogging Your Way course is really challenging my ideas and thoughts around my blog and why I'm here. I'm here to write about the beautiful and lovely things I come across .. and stuff in between. Something lovely I wanted to share with you were two prints that I have and love. From Bespoke Press who create gorgeous paper products, I discovered these guys when I was organising my wedding and looking for invitation inspiration.

All handmade in Brisbane and letterpressed with love, their prints are really gorgeous. The first one graces the wall in our bedroom...and the second is a surprise 1st wedding anniversary present for L (here's hoping he doesn't read this). Perfect - traditionally you give 'paper' for the 1st year (I think!). They ship internationally, you can find their shop here, and their blog here.

Images - Bespoke Press


  1. I love their products, how stunning is all the stationary! I think L will love the gift, so clever!

  2. These are really lovely - always great to discover new little Aussie businesses too. I think the second print makes a perfect anniversary present.

  3. That is such a good gift! I've done a print for B for our ten year "been together" anniversary - they're such good gifts! I love the chairs too! xx

  4. I love Bespoke, I go a little nuts whenever I see their stall at a market! The second print will make a perfect anniversary gift.

  5. Lovely! And their product photography is really beautiful as well. I find myself picking up on these things so much more since taking BYW>

  6. Hi there! I wandered over via BYW. :) These prints are gorgeous... isnt letterpress just amazing?!


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