Wednesday, September 8, 2010

reading chair dreaming

On my 'must have' list for a long long time has been a reading chair. I love to read and figure I need a dedicated reading chair to do it in, instead of reading on the couch (being distracted by the TV) or on the bed (where I'm likely to fall asleep!). I love the idea of having a little reading nook complete with side table, cup of tea and nibbles to devour while reading a good book! So I was inspired to rediscover a book I bought years ago at Aptos Cruz Gallery here in Adelaide. 'Fusion Interiors' explores design and interiors from different cultures around the world. I discovered the book has some pretty cool the right setting any one of them would make a good reading chair. For now, I'll keep dreaming of one day finding a perfect reading chair to plonk myself in..

It also showed a gorgeous picture of the late President Kennedy and (then) Jackie Kennedy on the cover of Life magazine - with the title 'Senator Kennedy Goes A-Courting'. So old fashioned! And such a gorgeous photo..

All Images - original photos taken from Fusion Interiors authored by Martin Waller and Dominic Bradbury, published by Andrew Martin.


  1. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for your comments. Great to hear your views. Those chair images are great - I'm sure you'll find the perfect chair. xx

  2. Oh, I'd love a rocking chair. So relaxing and sleep-inducing!! Good luck on your hunt!xx


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