Monday, November 8, 2010

home extension part I

It's exciting (and scary) to think that in a few (several?) months we will have a new extension to our home. Now that I'm pregnant we have sped things up a bit! We have put the plans into council, and the engineers report has been received. The go-ahead from Council will take 6-8 weeks. This is what we're proposing to do:
  • Knock out three walls (one in the kitchen, and two are exterior), extending into the backyard and partly into the driveway
  • In doing the above, we will create an open plan kitchen/lounge area
  • New kitchen and bathrom
  • Turn the current bathroom into a laundry
  • Have a baby!

Our house was built around the 1920s and has retained original features such as high ceilings and floorboards. We plan to make a modern looking extension using colorbond (corrugated iron). It will look something like this except our original exterior walls are red brick. The contrast of red brick and silver/grey colorbond, I think, will look striking.

Image -



  1. sounds good. good luck with everything, not least being your new baby :)

  2. Hi Maria, I just found you via another blog. I'd love to see some shots of your home. We are also renovating a 1910 house - lots of headaches/fun depending on how you look at it.
    Cheerio, Sarah

  3. That looks cool. Love it! You have a few busy months ahead lady! xx


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Maria xx