Tuesday, December 7, 2010

decking out the nursery part II

An excuse to think of more lovely things that I'd love - here is my part II installment of what I covet for the nursery.

we have a hand-me-down cot coming our way but i'd love this one. it's great to see well designed nursery furniture, even if it costs a bomb! ($1,759.95)
i have recently come across this - a rocking moose (cute take on the traditional rocking horse). do i love it because it's red, functional or just plain fun? All of the above I'd say! ($59)
EKORRE Rocking-moose red Length: 73 cm Width: 29 cm Height: 52 cm
we're not painting the room but i think a wall decal/sticker would be an easy way to add some spice to the walls...here is a selection of my faves

birdcages - available in red too ($110)              a giraffe height chart/wall sticker ($84.95)               

another birdcage - i couldn't resist ($50)
 product img 345 320x320  Wall Decals

giraffe obsession continues... ($70)
 product img 219 320x320  Wall Decals

storage - there is never enough. i don't love this but it got me thinking about a sturdy storage box to store toys, nappies etc. if we don't make something ourselves, i thought some paint or gift or wall paper covering would do the trick ($24.95)
APA Storage box white Length: 70 cm Depth: 36 cm Height: 29 cm


  1. Golly, I love some of those wall decals! Might have to invest some time soon. Campaign Ruby is a really simple read. Good if you are laying on a beach, not so good if you are chasing a literary masterpiece.

  2. I just love that Rocking Moose


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