Monday, February 21, 2011

love me, love my slab

On Friday, Adelaide had it's wettest day in February since 2003. And it's summer! So how we came to have our slab poured on Friday is a slight miracle and big joy to us! We had tarps covering the trenches which prevented rain getting in and lucky for us, the slab was poured on Friday. Just in time for our perfect weekend away (which I will post about later this week)! It could not have worked out better and made for a stress-free, relaxing weekend.

Here are some photos that show you the progression from demolition to slab pour...

The original back part of our house with the verandah - outside w/c, hot water system, back door, bathroom window...

Demolition begins... and continues here

After Demolition...lizzy makes herself comfortable, the white door is my back/kitchen door

And the slab gets poured...(sorry about the low res iphone pic!)

The above photo is taken from our kitchen door - you can just make out the tarps which saved the day! It's a beautiful thing that concrete!!

I have learnt a few things over the past few weeks. Renovating is exciting, frustrating and is a test of patience beyond belief but watching every step of the process, and achieving every milestone is such an exciting and satisyfing feeling that it makes up for all the other stuff. I can't wait to see the transformation from here on in!


Thank you so much for your comments. You rock!
Maria xx