Thursday, March 3, 2011

preggers in port willunga

It's been a while since I've given a preggers update mainly because my lack of motivation lately has seen me lose interest in posting up on my blog of late. I'm 32 weeks pregnant, I have 3 weeks of work left and our house renovation continues. So much to do and only 2 months before bub arrives is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed. So, in the meantime here are some pics of me at 32 weeks at Port Willunga (beach)...


  1. i hear you, we had no carpet in the bedrooms about 2 weeks before i was due and you know what bubs won't be aware of the unfinished mess as long as they have a cozy spot.

  2. oh wow Maria that went by super fast!! bet you are counting down until your last day at work....goodluck with the home reno!

  3. Looking gorgeous lady! How fast has that time gone? xx


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