Monday, August 23, 2010

Dizzy Lizzy

Say hello to Lizzy - the newest and third member of our family! We got her on Wednesday night. It was all such a whirlwind. We have been looking for a Labrador x Kelpie puppy for a while now. L's wishlist was a black and tan female and on Wednesday afternoon I saw a female Lab x Kelpie advertised in the local paper. 3 and half hours later we went to 'view' her (which consisted of falling in love with her in about 2 seconds flat!) and took her home 5 minutes later. And she was free, can you believe it? We were so smitten that we forgot to ask all the important questions like when she was born and if she had any health issues. She is black and has white/grey on her tummy, her chin and on her paws (we like to call them her socks). Look at her socks/paws, they're quite big for a puppy!

She's already got a couple of nicknames - Dizzy Lizzy, Licky Lizzy and Lazy Lizzy.
Isn't she the cutest thing?!


  1. You are in for a world of hurtin'! Look at that face! Congratulations!


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