Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aboriginal Art - Ninuku Artist

I love Aboriginal art, and have for some time so it's a wonder I only have one small piece in my home. I was inspired to show you some photos after Viv from ish and chi showed us photos of her new Aboriginal painting by Jeannie Mills Pwerl. What strikes me about Aboriginal paintings is the strong use of colour such as pinks and oranges. This painting is by Regina Ngamina Davidson, displaying rockhole's from Regina's grandmother's country.

This is definitely my style of Aboriginal art - the dots and the bright colours. I love the orange, the white and the hint of grey coming through really makes the orange 'pop'. I just wish I had more!


  1. Wow... love this... it's gorgeous! thanks for stopping by my blog.. you're blog looks great! Oh and your puppie ..... is soooo cute!

    xx Trina

  2. Thanks for visiting Trina! It's so nice to make blog friends from the other side of the world :) I'm so glad you had a happy ending with Maxi too xx

  3. I LOVE Aboriginal art! I was very lucky to get TWO beautiful paintings for my birthday this year. One is of the gyorn gyorn and the other is of the wanjina. You have definitely inspired me to do a post on my paintings.

  4. I'd love to see your paintings Ellie!


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