Monday, August 30, 2010


It's no secret I love art and I love to buy (affordable) art so we were lucky to be gifted a new painting when we got married. I'm lucky that L and I have very similiar tastes when it comes to aesthetics! Lucky me indeed. The painting is titled 'snap!' by Shane Bowden who was shortlisted for the 2010 Archibald Prize - good for him, and especially good for us! Shane is a self described 'New York schooled expressionist and action style painter'.

Shane Bowden has exhibited all over the world including Paris, New York and London and is collected by the likes of Cindy Crawford and The Killers. Which sounds rather cool but we were taken by this painting before knowing any background info!!

Shane Bowden paints under 5 different 'pseduonyms' to reflect his different styles of painting. Our painting was painted by his alias 'Maggnuss Larrsson'. He sounds like a real eccentric! Check out his bio here. If I could fill every wall in my home with art I would .. I just need more walls!


  1. That is a really quirky painting, a great conversation starter - the artist sounds like an interesting guy too.

  2. Julie - it's definitely a conversation starter as most people are a bit taken aback by this huge painting in our small lounge room!

  3. your friends have great taste in wedding gifts!

  4. Wow! lucky you. What a great gift. That painting is ace!


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