Thursday, September 30, 2010

irving baby!

I have always wanted to cover a wall with magazine clippings - it's such a great look, and an affordable one too. A great way to use all those magazines that we seem to accumulate. I have only had the guts to create this look using a framed chipboard (I think I'm worried about chipping off paint and damaging walls). I think Irving Baby! have executed this look really well. Irving Baby! sell original, retro and vintage clothes and accessories and in line with their brand they have used old 1950s/60s vintage newspaper clippings.

If done really well I think this look has the ability to transform a space, or a wall - like in Julie from Olive & Joy's dressing room. I think Julie has nailed it here.

Have you done this or is it something you'd like to try? Real Living have tried it, see here.

I know it's only Thursday but I have an extra long weekend planned. We are taking a road trip to the Grampians in Victoria, we'll be camping and soaking up the fresh air. I have a picnic rug, snacks and the new Real Living so I'm all set! I'll be back Tuesday, till then have a lovely weekend.


  1. Hmm I'm not 100% sold on the magazine wall idea, reminds me of my teenage years a tad too much. I do love the retro black and white magazine wall in the picture though...perhaps it just depends on the magazine style you choose? Your weekend sounds tops, I'm trying to squeeze a million errands into mine before I head to back to Broome next week. Enjoy!

  2. I love the magazine wall. I think it looks so cool, especially in a dressing room or an office maybe. The perfect way to display your favourite pages from old mags!
    The weekend sounds like so much fun! Have an awesome time and make sure you take lots of pictures!! xxx

  3. Those images take me back to college. I covered my dorm suite's bathroom with a photo montage of gorgeous women. It was intended to inspire me to get my act together in the mornings. (read: no sweatpants and a ponytail to that 7am class). Thanks for the memory!

    PS Stopping by from BYW.

  4. Thanks Maria! You know, mine is only stuck down with blu-tac - so it's temporary and won't damage the walls. You can change the pics around whenever you want too :)


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