Tuesday, October 5, 2010

kitchens on my mind

I have decided I need to get my butt into gear and start thinking about our home renovation. We're hoping to get it off the ground in December - pending council approval! (argh). We are basically opening up the back of our (north facing) house with an open plan kitchen/lounge area. We are also planning a new bathroom and laundry. (Asking for trouble I know!). One thing on my mind is that I have no idea of the finishes or look I want! On a budget, that is.

It will be an L shape kitchen with an island. We need a look that doesn't make the space look smaller. The kitchen and lounge area need to be seamless in order to make the space appear larger than it is. This is what we have to work with - Baltic pine floorboards, relatively high ceilings, galvanised steel Tolix stools and one very handy handy-man!

This photo has done the rounds already but I love it - the use of white, steel and timber. The opening shelving, the contrast of timber accessories against the stainless steel. The display of treasured objects on open shelves. What I'd like for my own kitchen: open shelving, stainless steel splashback (if $$ was no object), timber accessories, ivory/grey paint.

What I'd like for my own kitchen: industrial style lights (above an island), hanging utensils (we have a small alcove like this where we will hide the kettle, toaster etc and I think some hanging utensils or at least a small shelf could be placed in here for coffee, tea, sugar...)

I like the white on white-wall kitchen with black benchtop and use of stainless steel shelving. What I'd like for my own kitchen: the mix of overhead cupboards and open shelving to maximise space and light (our kitchen is north facing), handles with clean lines.

I have posted about our Tolix stools before - the same as in this picture but ours are 65cm high to suit the height of future kitchen island. This picture highlighted to me how great stainless steel finishes look against timber. Very rustic. I like this look and as I have the stools already I think any timber finish would look great with them. An idea: perhaps a (reclaimed) timber benchtop for our island with a white benchtop for the rest of the kitchen? I'll need to find some images where this has been done successfully...

Decisions, decisions. Once we start work on our renovation I will post before, during and after shots but for now, I'll continue to catalog and dream...

Images - via Style Files (2 - by Living etc, 3 - by Mikkel Adsbøl)


  1. OK so number one: WELCOME HOME!! Hope you had an awesome long weekend lovely.
    Number two: I'm so jealous you get to design a brand spanking new kitchen (and a utility room - I want one of those!)
    And number three: You've pictured too much amazing stuff here - I love the industrial style lights, the tiled recess round the stove, the open shelves, the mix of wood and stainless steel mostly...all the white. I love white walls and surfaces then adding the colour with accessories. That basically sums up our flat!! xx

  2. These kitchens are gorgeous! I need a new kitchen, too, but the whole idea (and potential cost!) of it just gives me a headache. So I think I will just dream for a little while longer ...

  3. So jealous that you get to take on such an amazing project! Lots of luck with everything, the imagery here is beautiful and extremely inspirational so I think it's safe to say the end result will be fabulous.

  4. Thanks lovely ladies. Nell - it was lovely to get away from work and mobile/tv/computer for 4 days! Ahh :)

    I'm not sure that I'm looking forward to the actual process of renovating, but I have to keep thinking of the bigger picture of a new kitchen and a bath...we don't have a bath and it pains me every day!!

  5. Hope the trip to the Grampians was fun - i've always wanted to go there but didn't have time this last trip. Anyway I can't wait until your reno pics and to find out where the stools will go!

  6. Hey Maria - check out this blog:

    She has done INCREDIBLE stuff in her home and I find her ideas very inspiring!


  7. I've got kitchens on the mind too! Thanks for the inspiration, and visiting my blog!

  8. Really I am getting too much jealous after seeing your awesome kitchen. Well its color, maintenance everything is perfect and is looking gorgeous kitchen. I just hope my kitchen would also be like that. Very soon I am also going to renovate my kitchen.
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