Friday, October 22, 2010

i'm lovin...emerald + ella

You may have seen this online loveliness pop up over the blogosphere lately - Emerald + Ella is my new favourite obsession. Gorgeous name, gorgeous finds for the home and kitchen, including vintage goodies! Ever since I found Amy Moss's use of cherry striped twine for hand sewing I've wanted some myself. I'm thinking I could use it to hand sew more gingerbread men, or use for packaging - especially for Christmas presents.


And I love the bunting as red is my favourite colour...I'm thinking a good way to spruce up a pretty bland white wall in our second bedroom or as a substitute Christmas tree?

I'm off to make some purchases! You can find Emerald + Ella's shop here. Have a great weekend x

(p.s Thank you for your lovely messages from my last post - your kind words made me smile)


  1. What an adorable shop- thanks for sharing! That bunting is so sweet, love it.

  2. That shop is an awesome (but dangerous!) find. You can never go wrong with a bit of bunting in my opinion xx


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