Wednesday, October 20, 2010

be thankful for what you got

I have had a strange couple of weeks and it has often impacted me in terms of what to write on my blog, and wondering whether I should post anything at all. I have people close to me going through hard times. Put simply, I have had two funerals in two weeks. It certainly puts things into perspective and makes you appreciate what you have in life. And often makes me feel silly for sweating the small stuff. I have some good news I want to share with you all but it doesn't feel right at the moment so I'll have to wait.

That said, there are so many things I'm appreciative of but one I have a cute photo to accompany is .. Lizzy's first bath in our drinks-tub-cum-laundry-basket! (And my, hasn't she grown since I first introduced her here!). Every day I get home from work she greets me like I'm the best thing in her world. And for that, I'm thankful xxx


  1. Pets always make everything better don't they. I'm glad Lizzy has been there for you. :)

  2. it's so important to realise how lucky we are and how important it is to live in the moment, not everyone is so lucky. sending good thoughts your way...

  3. Look how beautiful she is, so cute.
    I hope you're OK lovely, times can be tough can't they. I'm sending hugs through the blogosphere xx

  4. Hi there! Just made it back over to your blog after you commented on mine (a bit behind!)

    So hope that your days get better! It is always hard to go through the downs in life, but does make the ups that much sweeter. All the best!


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