Friday, October 29, 2010

much ado about nothing!

I have had an odd week - started off badly (there were tears - it will make sense soon!), I had a sick day off work and today I had a job interview, of which I only found out about yesterday! It has meant a fairly quiet week in the blogosphere. Along with all of that, I missed our 6 month wedding anniversary on 24 October! What a terrible wifey I am.

But I have given him the best anniversary present of all - will share soon! In the meantime, I wanted to share with you where we got married..... oh how I'd do anything to be back there now...

Lotus House on Magnetic Island, Far North Queensland. Heaven on earth!

The lush pool at Lotus House - where the wedding was held and where L & I stayed whilst on the Island. My Dad jumped into the pool at our reception - it was one of the highlights of our wedding! Everyone still talks about it!

We had our reception here on the lawn area with a marquee (forecast was rain and gee, did it rain!)

Absolutely stunning (and the smokers thought so too!)

We had our ceremony here on the decking instead of on the beach front due to the rain.
It was such a tropical, lush and unforgettable setting!

And I would do it all over again! Have a lovely weekend x

Images - Lotus on Magnetic (c/o Best of Magnetic Island)


  1. um this place looks like heaven! hope your week has looked a little brighter!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! What beautiful memories. We did the same tropical thing and whisked ourselves over to Mauritius to get married!


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