Monday, November 15, 2010

mirror mirror in the bathroom

I got thinking about bathrooms on the weekend, and what our new bathroom might look like. It will be a relatively compact bathroom, with a shared bath/shower.

Searching through my old Real Living magazines, I keep going back to the idea of using floor to ceiling mirrors to double the light and space of a bathroom. I love this look - and despite the cost - it would be a great way to make the bathroom appear bigger. On my search though, I struggled to find many images of mirrored bathroom walls...I'm wondering if anyone is doing this? That chair is to die for as well - you can get it here.

Image - Living etc


  1. ooh i love the idea of full mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space! oh and yes, I'm helping the director a bit with the Sydney Magnolia Square but they are having one in Adelaide the weekend of Nov 26 - you should totally check it out, amazing stuff for you and the little one! x

  2. there's no reason why not to use mirror as a wall surface. i've used it in designs & floor to ceiling mirror looks stunning behind a wall hung basin. i guess it could be a little more high maintenance than tile though with splash marks showing, but i guess that depends on how splashy you are!


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