Thursday, November 18, 2010

some things you don't know about me

The lovely Jaclyn from Little Paper Trees has passed the Versatile Blog Award to Cocoon & Chic. I follow Jaclyn's blog regularly so I was touched that she thought of me. Think what you will of the so-called blog Award but I'm gonna do the honours and give it a crack. I only have 4 followers (at least it's an even number, I have a weird thing about odd numbers!), but here's 7 things you didn't know about me. I'll then pass the award onto 7 other lovely verstatile blogs that I follow...

1. I hate mice. I'm terrified of them. Childhood memory of a mouse running around in one of my underwear drawers will do that.

2. I'm scared of deep water. I need to be able to touch my feet on the bottom of a pool or the beach, otherwise I start to panic. I once went snorkelling with my family in Vanuatu, in deep water, and started hyperventilating when I realised how deep it was (only came to my realisation when I saw a big, mammoth fridge-sized piece of coral!!).

3. I was never one of those girls desperate to get married. I was more interested in travelling the world and living life. But now that I'm married, I couldn't be happier.

4. I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland for 2 years. It was two of the best years of my life.

5. Bad customer service gets on my nerves. When did being helpful become so passe? Hello and a smile can go a long way!

6. I am covered in moles but I have three distinct ones on the top of my right breast. They're special because my Mum has the exact same ones in the exact same spot :)

7. I am known for curling my eyelashes. Yes, I love my eyelash curler and couldn't live without it!

I'm passing this award onto:

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  1. Thanks Maria,

    Lovely to learn more about you - miss curly lashes :) I've just recently shared 7 things about myself on the blog so won't re-do it so soon but I appreciate the sentiment, thank you.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Thanks Maria!
    How lovely to learn 7 new things about you! I'm very curious about your 2 years in Edinburgh! What did you do there? How did you end up there? I think if I could pick a place in the UK to live it would definitely be there! I love the bit about your moles. I have a mole on the left base of my neck and my sister has the exact same one on the right! So often when we're together people can't believe it and we've often been told we will be very wealthy in the future! Just have to wait and see xx

  3. Thanks for the award Maria!! Always fun to learn new things about people - like the fact that you lived in Edinburgh!! Wow, that must have been an amazing experience!!

  4. Edinburgh is an awesome place, B and I went on a little weekend break there and had so much fun (despite all the rain!). And I agree about the mice. The house we lived in during our 3rd year of uni had two and one night I realised one of them was rummaging around in the stuff next to our bed. I got up and got B from downstairs to come and save me and the little blighter (the mouse that is) ran across MY FEET to escape. Never has there been such a loud scream!! xx

  5. thanks Maria for thinking of me. i'm new to your blog but i love coming across good aussie blogs that have a common interest.
    i'm surprised you curl your lashes, i'm sure everyone is already gealous of your naturally long and curly lashes, being italian?
    and nice to hear someone else is covered in moles - me too - i like to think you could play dot-to-dot on me and discover some great pictures.
    also i'm with you on the customer service, what also happened to "thank you"?

  6. This is a fun post. I might try this. BYW student. Keep on blogging.


Thank you so much for your comments. You rock!
Maria xx