Tuesday, December 21, 2010

christmas feast

      Baked Cocunut & Pistachio White Christmas Tarts - photo courtesy Pinecone Camp

It's been a while since I last posted. This is what I've been up to:

  • I'm 22 weeks pregnant and feeling good. Getting lots of movement and lots of kicks which are now visible from the outside. Pretty amazing stuff! Must post baby bump pics soon!
  • I have changed jobs as of yesterday. I seem to always be moving from job to job but this time I'm back to an old job after my recent contract finished. The change feels good, and after all it's only for another 3 months before I leave to have baby..
  • We have received part-approval from Council for the house extension/renovation (or extenovation?!). The skip and bobcat arrive in a couple of days. OMG!!! First task is to rip up part of our concrete driveway. I will post pics as I'd like to show the progression of the house 'extenovation' as it moves towards a 27th April deadline!!
  • Planning a feast on Xmas Eve. Just for me and hubby. We're spending Xmas Eve cooking up a feast. I'm thinking a whole baked snapper in the weber with roast potatoes and asian coleslaw. And I might try my hand at Janis's (Pinecone Camp) Baked Coconut and Pistachio White Christmas Tarts.
  • Planning another feast - Xmas morning hubby and I are having a whole lobster with champagne and orange. We decided not to give each other presents, but instead we're making a lobster and champagne breakfast a Xmas morning tradition. Our gift to each other.

So - in case I don't get a chance to post before Christmas...please have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are in the world.

I hope yours is filled with happiness, love, laughter, warmth and joy.

Image - courtesy Pinecone Camp

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  1. Pregnant and doing home reno?? Phew, you're brave!! :) Happy Holidays Maria - enjoy!!


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