Thursday, January 20, 2011

have approval, will build !

We finally got council approval for our home renovation - YAY! It only took 3 months - hmph. But, we are both beyond happy. L will start to demolish the walls and roof, I will provide cold drinks and lunch! Here are the before + after...

Before - the red dashed lines show the existing back part of the house (existing bathroom, laundry and outside WC)

After - new open plan kitchen and lounge area, extension includes new bathroom and turning existing bathroom into a laundry

I can't wait to see the transformation take shape!


  1. how exciting. whatever you do though, ahem, reverse the door swing on the bathroom so you're not looking straight at the toilet when someone leaves the door open! in fact, you could leave the door swing as it is, but swap the bath and toilet locations.. then you could have a window out to the back garden from the bath/shower.. maybe a bank of groovy opaque glass louvres that will give you privacy when they're closed, but an awesome view of the garden when they're open??? just an idea :)

  2. Thanks for your comments lovely! I know what you mean with the door...we are going to see what works best when we put it in. It's great to have that flexibility. I'll probably swap the couches around too so that there is no couch in front of our doors obstructing the view to the garden (if you could call it that - it currently resembles a dust + dirt yard!). I'm thinking a reupholstered FLER chair I've got my eye on, it could do the trick instead...and act as my reading chair :)

  3. ohhh yayy! its full steam ahead now! thats great...gee they love to take their time dont they?
    did you get your plans done with an architect or a draftsperson?

  4. Thanks Anastasia, it's pretty exciting! But hard work as we're doing it ourselves (and getting in contractors where we need to ie plumber, electrician, concreters etc). We're lucky - my husband is a mechanical designer/engineer as well as having studied building design/drafting so he did the plans and is pretty much project manager :)


Thank you so much for your comments. You rock!
Maria xx