Monday, January 24, 2011

black, grey and a touch of mid-century

On Friday night, I missed out on a 1960s FLER chair on e-bay by $1 dollar in the last 4 minutes of bidding. I was gutted! I would have put in a higher bid but I was in a yoga class and well, not cool to check your i-phone mid yoga pose! I had visions of reupholstering the (very similiar looking) chair like the one in the above photo (with the grey sheepskin rug).  Incidentally, I would also have this as my lounge room any day! Oh well - I will have to keep searching and waiting..

p.s this is my 50th post - yay to me :)

Image - via Desire to Inspire


  1. oo la la.. that black lamp is fabulous too!

  2. I agree, I could move in tomorrow. Beautiful.


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