Wednesday, January 5, 2011

nursery inspiration (no ducks or rabbits here!)

Decorating a 'nursery', or any room, is a good excuse to get the holidays I managed to buy the IKEA Egeby rug and pick up a white cot and bassinette (hand me downs). The baby's room is also our study so it will be white on white with hits of colour. Our room is very similiar to the first pic below: window in the middle, white walls, pine floors, white cot on the right. I think the pom poms below are a great way to add some colour and 'wow' factor - would you do it? (Or could they potentially fall on the baby's head and be a hazard?!)

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  1. I really love the pink mat in the second photo. I'm going to redecorate my own room soon and I'm loving this neutral with hits of colour look too!


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