Thursday, February 3, 2011

FLER love

Ever since missing out on an original FLER chair on e-bay (ummm by $1 in the last 4 minutes - but no, seriously I'm over it, just!) I have become a bit obsessed by finding myself a FLER arm chair! I can see myself reading a good book in one of these.

Fred Lowen was a furniture designer and founding partner of Fler Furniture, creating his wonderful furniture in the 50s and 60s. Originally from Germany, Lowen was influenced by the scandinavian style. It's no wonder they are so popular today! And ... I have come across the name 'TH Brown' before but was super pleased to find out they were an Adelaide firm! They released a range of furniture in the 60s made from moulded timber with natural oil finishes.

I have my eye on a Fler again - wish me luck!

Image: 1) Retromiko, 2) Antiques Plus


  1. i also need a pair of arm chairs, it's so hard to find the right piece for the right price.

    don't be jealous i have a pool, cause i don't but i'm lucky my parents do.

  2. I need a chair like this too. Spotted one in a local second hand shop, but it's slightly too far out of my price range. I'm hoping it'll still be there in a few months so I can get it for my birthday...what are the chances?! Good luck on your hunt xx

  3. I missed out - again! Patience is a virtue they say :)


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