Thursday, January 27, 2011

beautiful bright bentwood

My bargain $20 Bentwood is now ready to make our bedroom it's home, after two coats of paint and plenty of sanding and priming! Here is the BEFORE. I even like it in white..

I'm glad I'm now able to tick this project off my 'to do' list. It brightens up the bedroom and works in well with the Bespoke Press print.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the combination of yellow and green. I have a few projects of my own to get started on. Not long before school goes back, so I'd better get a move on!

  2. Such a pretty colour. I now want a bright chair too!! And i'm gutted for you on the miss-out on eBay. It's so annoying when that happens. More annoying though is when you totally forget that something you're really coveting ends and then miss bidding entirely. This happened last week with a Topshop rucksack and I am so annoyed with myself! xx

  3. looks great... particularly against the lovely grey walls. x captn


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Maria xx