Friday, September 24, 2010

i'm loving...

cuff links! This etsy seller makes very cool custom made cuff links so you could get them to make something unique and individual. Like this first set here...I gifted these to L to wear on our wedding day. We got married on Magnetic Island in Far North Queensland and Sherry found vintage maps for me showing the island. Clever huh!

Great for a bike lover or just a lover...

Cuff links with different locations would be a great gift idea for people that come from different countries/cities etc...

Images - Sherry Truitt Studios

Have a lovely weekend everyone! The weather is slowly warming up here and I'm meeting two of my best friends for brunch on Sunday, perfect. I hope yours is too x


  1. Hey! I love brunch! Gorgeous cuff links too! Things with maps are great.
    Thank you for admiring my sewing machine too!
    I'm taking lessons (although they supply a machine) but I love it so much I couldn't bear not to have my own.
    I bought this one at my local sewing centre. They specialise in Janome and Bernina and after some deliberation and discussion with the staff, I really only picked this one because it was on special and included some things for quilting etc that I liked. I think once you get over a certain price, unless you want an industrial machine, they all get a bit the same.
    I was advised against going to spotlight and lincraft and was more than happy to support my local store.
    Can't wait to see the crafty goodness you come up with!

  2. The ones with the maps are seriously cool... I have a long standing 'thing' about maps, so anything featuring them immediately grabs my attetion. What a great present idea for your wedding day!!

    Linda. :)

  3. These are really cute - especially for a wedding. That's such a personal gift for your hubby, what a perfect memento! I love the ones with different name places on - how sweet would that be for a couple who come from differnt couuntries?! Have a lovely weekend xxx

  4. Oh, aren't they gorgeous! Love scrolling through your blog, so inspiring. You have such a great eye!

  5. These are fantastic - so unique and would make a wonderful personalised gift.

  6. I had custom made cufflinks made for my groom and groomsmen as a surprise on our wedding day! They wore a photo of each of their grandparents - HEARTS ON THEIR SLEEVES

  7. Maria,
    So happy to have found your blog. Hope your wedding was wonderful.



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