Thursday, October 7, 2010

mellow yellow bentwood

I really hate picking paint colours. I'm scared I'll get it completely wrong and eventhough you can paint over, who wants to spend more time painting? Painting is fun for the first 5 minutes, then it sucks. My husband and I painted our home (with help from family), and a couple of years later repainted our bedroom in one weekend. Both times I wished we'd had the money to pay someone to do it. But, it doesn't quite suck painting a chair, that's fun! I suppose if I get the colour wrong I can paint over the Bentwood quite easily. I quite fancy a slick black Bentwood anyway as I love everything black (I want black walls - L.O.V.E).

I've chosen Taubman's Solar Burst - what do you think? I know the actual colour will differ from how it displays online but I have tried to match it as much as possible with the example here. Now that I've put it out there I've got to make sure I start this project this weekend!


  1. I love the yellow/grey mix. So cool. I can't wait to see what colour combos you come up with! xx

  2. Ohhh, it's going to look amaaaazing! Great colour, love it!

  3. fun and cheery color - plus i love grey and yellow together! looks like it'll look great :)


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Maria xx